Advertising with Art – A Creative Marketing Idea

We are aware of the undeniable fact that mural art or any form of art is not just one of the most ethical and eco-friendly creative marketing idea but it can also be soothing and pleasing to the eye. Now, over the years, we have come to see that it’s an effective form of advertising due to its defining nature and its ability to draw attention.

The benefits of a creative marketing idea such as advertising with art are many, especially when you consider the fact that people rarely (if ever) take pictures of billboards or posters but are more prone to taking pictures of mural art. Mural art has the potential to go viral; one photo taken by an impressed passer-by who enthusiastically posts it to their social media page instantly gives that mural art free advertising that a billboard would not get. Therefore, as creative marketing ideas go, advertising with art, specifically mural art, is a marketing decision that brings enormous benefits.

Attraction of Art

Local businesses can and have taken advantage of this. Advertising with art and more specifically, mural art is one creative marketing idea that leaves their business incredibly better off. Imagine this; your business is located on a busy street. There is no telling how many people will walk past, but there is a certainty that they will be many and that they will be drawn to the mural art made for your business.

The fact is people are more drawn to art than they are to billboards or posters; whether that art advertises something or creates a different kind of awareness. They are more likely to stop and stare because art has the power to speak deeply to a person in a way that a billboard or a poster cannot. It shows thoughtfulness, and it gives the viewer of said mural art, the feeling that the art was made just for them.

Advertising with art is not just a creative marketing idea that is beneficial to small and local businesses; its benefits are for everyone. From local councils to local communities, creating awareness of one issue or the other; especially one that fosters community interests. However, let us, more importantly, consider the benefits of advertising with art, specifically mural art as a way of highlighting safety measures in the current pandemic climate.

Emotive Expression Of Art

Slowly but surely, the world is opening up again, after months of been shut down. People are moving back to their lives, some hesitantly because the virus is far from gone and some excitedly because it feels good to be out in the world again. Everyone wants to be safe, but it is easy to forget to put your mask on or stand six feet apart; we are humans, and it is easy to get sloppy.

However, mural art placed on commercial, public, and street walls; can be a constant and heartfelt reminder not to be. You see, art comes from inside, it can be felt which is why it can be easily related to by the viewer. A mural art on a street wall pleasantly advising people to stay safe and practice safety measures will be more effective than a random poster telling them to do the same.

People listen when they are talked to, not at, and art has the power to do that. A creative marketing idea like a wall mural art or even a retail window art display is becoming increasingly more effective in relations to the more traditional and outdated methods, and cultivates more emotion from the viewer.

Creating Awareness

Furthermore, it can be a great way to foster hope, positivity, togetherness and community spirit during this pandemic. These are not just themes that will help keep people’s spirit up during the pandemic; these are themes that will last way past it. Why leave a white wall next to a busy supermarket empty? When it can have a beautiful mural giving hope and promoting safety measures during this pandemic?

What about public schools? There is no better way to remind the kids to stay safe than a mural art that says just that. The best part of this art is that everyone will be taking pictures of them, effectively taking the message far and bringing it home too.

There are many ways to foster hope during the pandemic, but creating awareness and advertising with art, so to speak is one of the best ways to do it. As a business owner, you can put up a mural in your place of business that advertises it while advising people to stay safe. A message like that cannot be ignored.

So, while we utilize the creative marketing idea of advertising with art, let us also use it for something greater; to keep us safe and together.

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