Expert Window Art provide Creative marketing ideas through retail window art displays that are capable of stirring emotion and engaging the imagination – to the extent we forget we are looking at an Ad or window display in the first place.
For local businesses within the community, we believe Window Art Advertising is the Now & Future of creative marketing ideas and promotion!
Starting with a creative storefront window art display is the obvious Answer to “how can i attract more clients people and bring awareness to what i have to offer?”
It may be that great products and excellent customer service can keep the local community engaged and returning if already in your store, however your shop visuals and creative marketing ideas of your brand are going to be the elements that get people to walk into your shop in the first place.

Creative Marketing Ideas

Your retail window display plays a big part in this, which is why your storefront advertising ideas should be as fresh and attention-grabbing as possible. 
Advertising with art is most effective when your window painting ideas are interactive or inspiring to your community.
store window displays

Advertising With Art | Painting on glass

Expert Window Art specialise in creative marketing ideas, expressed as retail window art displays. Our paintings on glass are exclusive to each business and make sure to highlight the USP or communicate a specific message. 

For fully customisable storefront advertising ideas look no further than our advertising with art creative solution. No matter your business, we have creative marketing ideas for your shop windows.

We create shop advertising ideas for clients for every and any occasion, as it is useful all year round. Creative marketing ideas for shop windows range from commercial holiday themed window art such as Christmas and Easter, to Private promotions.



Our creative marketing ideas provide a eco-friendly, innovative way of getting your personalised message across to your audience with window art shop displays.
Take the much needed step to increasing Visibility, enhancing Awareness and Engagement, whilst cultivating Interest by advertising with art. Our Creative window art ideas and retail window displays will transform your business from just a place of work to a Work Of Art!
Booking a quick and easy Free Consultation is the first of only 2 steps to putting your business and brand back at the forefront of your high street. Be the talk of the town with Advertising with Arts creative, eco-friendly, marketing ideas.
advertising with art
advertising with art
The creative process of Window Art Advertising itself is simple, hassle free & quick, with a 2-3 day turnaround between designing and painting! Simply send us a pic of your window space along with a short description of the theme and preferred images and content, and we will come up with a creative marketing idea and display concept for you in no time.
It’s been said that the best way to be Noticed in the wilderness of advertising is to be compelling. And the most compelling Advertising are the ones that grab and maintain your audience’s attention. Creative marketing ideas such as advertising with art and retail window art displays are at the forefront of innovation and creativity.
How often, if ever, have you come across artistic paintings on glass which communicate a message in an interesting and engaging way? We believe there’s no better form of creative marketing than with Window Art Shop Displays.
Spring window art
Our creative marketing approach involve artistic paintings on glass – creative window art shop displays, showcasing innovative and inspiring window art decorations throughout London, as well as painting of windows in the Greater London area mainly, however we are able to travel.
So if you are after any kind of painting on glass/ shopfront window, window decorations, Easter decoration ideas or Festive Christmas Window Art displays and many more, Expert Window Art have you covered with the most creative marketing ideas around today!
Thinking of making your local community feel special with a lovely Valentines retail window art shop display… Seeking some sensationally frightening Halloween window decorations ideas… The list goes on…
Or would a Window Art Package that includes 3/4 Exclusive & Unique Storefront Window Displays to cover all seasons be more suitable for your business requirements… Either way, Expert Window Art caters for ALL. We cater for franchises, offering discounts on multi-store window art displays.

Painting On Glass A Creative Experience That The Local Community Can Also Benefit from.

Dining out at a restaurant, or meeting friends at a bar or club is about so much more than just the food and drink. We are all looking for an experience – and the atmosphere of the venue contributes hugely to this, whether it is an indoor mural art, window art or outdoor art.
Making sure your brand stands out in a crowded market can be a challenge. It requires imagination, creativity and the desire to create something different – plus of course the right team to make it happen. This is why our creative marketing ideas extend to mural art  and street art, as well as retail window displays. Advertising with Art covers all areas of creative marketing that your business will deem necessary.
Want to stand our from the crowd… well, this is where our Retail Window Art Displays comes into its own and EXPERT WINDOW ART comes to life.
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CREATIVE MARKETING METHOD – Painting is one thing… However, painting on glass windows requires a specialized method & mastery.
We strive to attain a professional level that will guarantee your satisfaction. 
When advertising with art, Expert Window Art understand Brand Presence online and offline is equally important in this digital age. Not only do we offer creative marketing ideas in the form of captivating window art displays but we can also promote your business on multiple platforms. This includes digital marketing and social media marketing.

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